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Best Banquet Hall Facilities in Amritsar

MakhanFish was founded in Amritsar in 1962 and has since become one of the world’s most distinguished global restaurant, Hotel, Banquet Hall and Bar brands.


akhan Fish & Chicken Corner did not need any introduction as we are one of the world’s most global distinguished restaurant, Hotel, Banquet hall and bar brand.Situated at Majitha Road, Amritsar, Makhan Fish is multi-cuisine restaurant serve delicious veg and non-veg dishes. It is family-friendly restaurant. We are famous because of our special ‘Amritsari Fish’. Some favorite recipes include Tandoori Non-veg, world famous Amritsari Fish, Tandoori Veg, Main Course include Butter Chicken, Karahi Chicken, ChickenMethiMalai etc.Our recipes are world’s best recipes that are passed down from generations. People enjoy here with refreshingly, enjoyable and hassle free environment. Offer consistency in quality, service and style that set new standard. Also we serve Indian and Punjabi Cuisine. Our services make you feel at home. Enjoy the exotic and exclusive flavors of the kitchen at Makhan Fish & Chicken Corner. We also have full bar facility.

Wine & Alchohol

Makhan Fish you can taste finest Wine & Alcohol, in seprated Bar. With or without family.

Our Specilities

Fsh Recipes like Fish Fried, Fish Tandoori, Fish Chilly are made in 100% pure Mustard Oil that add a good flavor to the food. Chicken Recipes like Butter Chicken, Karahi Chicken, Curry Chicken, Masala Chicken, Lemon Chicken are made in 100% pure Desi Ghee.

  • Nan Chapati
  • Fish
  • Lunch & Dinner (Veg.)
  • Lunch & Dinner (Non. Veg.)
  • Non-Veg Snacks
  • Veg. Snacks

Our Motto

"We provide quality services in the food sectors at affordable prices. Offered in compliance with the quality trends prevailing in the market, our services are highly effectual. With the assistance of experienced cooks, we hold specialization in offering Services."

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