What customers say about us

"Authentic amritsari cuisine"

We tried the usual recommended fare while in amritsar...chicken, fish and paneer. The food did not disappoint. The service was quick and staff helpful.

"Fish and more fish"

If you are a fish fan then you would love this place. I loved this fish fry here. So soft just melts in your mouth. Do try its butter chicken and roti yummy

Have Nice Evening At Makhan, Great Food and Service

Very nice details about family restaurant. Actually i am searching about just one. I like to share you South Indian Family Restaurant. Here you can enjoy all type of south Indian food with your family and friends. For more details visit

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  • After an enjoyable but tiring tour in Amritsar, our driver brought us here. The iteriors were clean and nicely done, which immediately made us feel relaxed. We were came here for fish fry, but ended up getting more of chicken tikkas and tandoories. Food was Yummy, chicken was very juicy and succulent. Fish fry was definitely worth trying. Must mention the soft tandoori rotis as well.

  • This is heaven for non veg foodies. Fish is their speciality Now they have a good bar too where the liquor rates are equal to outside rates. The family hall is good too. No need to worry aboout car parking as a parking space is available Roasted non veg is good.

  • #Makhan A name that spells Quality with a Capital Q A place synonmous with #FRIED #FISH.. And Butter chicken.. So here we are at 11.30pm after a stomach thats growling. And.. Ordered for the signature dishes Fried fish sangara And Butter chicken(guys the chicken meat was as tender as fish,awesome texture with Garlic Naan & lacha parotha. Must say-it was divine.